Customize Your Style by Coming in for a Consultation

Ask about our custom-made necklaces and earrings in Bethel, CT

Want to find the perfect piece of jewelry, but don't know where to start? Come into Gemini Dream Jewelry Design for a consultation. Our store in Bethel, CT can create everything from custom earrings to custom-made necklaces.
Take a look at the pieces we have in stock to get a better idea of what you want. We'll create a model of your concept and give you an estimate. Visit us today to learn more about our custom earrings and custom-made necklaces.

What designs are you looking for?

We want you to get exactly what you have in mind. Our specialist will sit down with you to find out your:

  • Favorite stones
  • Favorite colors
  • Favorite styles

We can either find something that matches that description or build you a piece from scratch. If you have an issue with your jewelry, make sure that you let us know so we can fix the problem. Call 203-797-9334 to schedule a consultation in Bethel, CT today.